Custom Cat or Dog Cages and Pens

Ketcham's has been catering to the needs of handlers, rescue personnel and breeders for years with finished cages for handling, transport, or custom cut panels for enclosures.  Here are a few examples of what we can do for you.  We can advise you on the most efficient use of materials and one of a kind design challenges are always welcomed.


Feral Cat Handling Cages
We supply recovery cages with removable heavy duty black poly dividers for containment, separation and to help keep the peace so the animals will not become agitated by seeing the presence of another cat in the other chamber.

36"L X 17"W X 16"H cage in rugged 1' X1" vinyl coated wire mesh,  power washable for sanitation,  and fastened with marine grade aluminum clamps

Rope handles, two top opening doors, one for each chamber held down with dual door hooks on left side for easy and safe access

Vertical dividers allow maximum versatility, with both dividers down you have a double cage for two animals, remove the center panel to make it into a single larger cage.  Should your "guest" be particularly aggressive drop the center panel isolating the animal to one side and you can now safely open the top door to access the other chamber of the cage for cleaning, food, water etc.  Pricing is considerably below the stainless "hospital cages" and perfectly suited for rescue folks and have become an in stock item for quick delivery at Ketcham's


Field Trials Beagle Cages
This is one sample of the various trials cages we have built for years used by beagle breeders.  We made this one light enough for two to handle it, but the heavy wire mesh will support a basketball team.  This one was designed to fit in a pickup with the tailgate down being ten feet long and four feet  wide.  This is a three bay unit, but the partitioning is up to you.
Custom Pre-Cut heavy gauge Panels
To fabricate kennels or large runs, this heavy duty vinyl mesh is made from hi tensile steel rods nearly 1/8" diameter. We flatten it with a 10 HP hydraulic straightener and cut it to size with an 8 foot power shear.  You really don't want to attack this stuff in a garage workshop with hand tools

Outdoor Pet Run
Custom designed cat run that offers protection from roaming coyotes, or to protect a not so street smart kitty,  assembled on site by the owner.  Modular and expandable we have also made habitats for customers with gerbils, canaries, rabbits, birds, and a host of other pets and brood stock.
Show Dog Transports
Built with dimensions to specifically to fit the cargo area of this particular breeder's SUV these cages do double duty in getting the dogs to the venue and then as a secure holding pen during the active show. You have a unique transport problem?  We can help you solve it.
Ketcham's Best Little Cat House
Made for a commercial "Kitty Hotel" with en-suite facilities in the right rear and water in the left front.  Can be set up with vertical sliding panel doors for transfer from handling cages for rescue operations with less than cooperative clients.

Please call Bob or Myron at (508) 997-4787 or drop us an email for assistance with your project.